Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Jolanda had artificial breasts. She was still growing them, so they were quite small and didn’t look very real. But Astrid thought they were beautiful — especially when Jolanda was nude. She stared at her friend’s blonde bush for a moment before continuing:

“Jolanda, you’re not allowed to wear any…

“How did you manage to save my life?”

“Oh, that was nothing. You were just unconscious when I found you. I thought you were dead.”

He looked at her. She was about 18, very cute and innocent looking. She was wearing a vest and shorts.

At this point, she showed…

Image by Pixabay

GPT-N will be a glory of our civilization

Read these shockingly funny stories produced by GPT-3 and learn how to make them

The Way the IRS Operates

A bad tradition started in the IRS. They start each day with a song. It’s very symbolic of the organization. It’s “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” That’s the song the IRS employees sing every day. I wonder how they got that song. …

Alexey Saltanov


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